About Us

About Us

Pristine Insurance is an expert in many forms of Insurance.

At Pristine insurance, we realize that when it comes to insurance, the average consumer has many choices for which insurance service provider they can work with. What makes Pristine unique is that we realize that each client has unique needs and we enjoy providing service accordingly. We are passionate about providing quick and efficient coverage and making sure that the client is with the kind of insurance needed and satisfied. THAT is our goal!

Pristine Insurance is partnered with Canada’s top insurance providers and we are in direct contact with our partners daily, diligently scouring the market for the best rates and coverage. Our brokers are expert in a wide range of insurance products.

We offer insurance service in a wide range of products: Home, Auto, Business, Travel, Life, Disability and Critical Illness to name a few.

With 20 years of experience, we are sure that we can provide you with the exact coverage needed ensuring peace of mind and protecting you from the ifs of life.